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Fabienne Feuz

Fabienne Feuz is a certified translator and language teacher. In 2013, she founded sprachart. She has lived in New York, San Francisco, Vancouver and Caracas. She has worked for UNICEF, The Fresh Air Fund NYC and the Organisation for Swiss Abroad. Her vast experience and passion for languages, people and culture inspire and influence her work. In 2021, she has published her first book. She is the mother of two little boys and lives with her family near Bern.

Our team:

Agudin Catalina, Argentina
García de Puglisi Isabel Teresa, Venezuela
Gilgen Sabine, Switzerland
Howald Doris, Switzerland
Jakob Amanda, U.K.
Jost Luca, Switzerland
Kaufher David Kelso, USA
Nuño Maria, Spain
Portmann Tatjana, Serbia
Steiner Rachel Margaret, U.K.
Wenger Dawn, Bermuda

Our translators:

Translations are carried out in close cooperation with a renowned agency in Switzerland. 

Our partners:


How we do.


„What I appreciate most is that my personal needs are met in a professional way. I am encouraged and supported while developing my language skills step by step.“


„After class I always feel refreshed and relaxed. The lessons at sprachart are like wellness for the mind.“


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